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Teaching artist Chalice Meikle stands in the center of a classroom after completing her “Make Your Mark” workshop. She is surrounded by completed artworks - large charcoal sketches and mark making with paint. Some of the artworks hang from the ceiling and reach the floor. Two participants in the background are high-fiving.


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Ms. Meikle has had the opportunity to teach art from ages 2 to 83. Being able to adjust the curriculum based on creative level or age is her specialty.


A charcoal sketch from the “Make Your Mark” workshop with teaching artist Chalice Meikle. Working from a live model in the center of the room, the class draws lines from the figure with their feet and bamboo sticks. The postures are held from 5 min to 5 secs. This exercise does not allow room for overthinking. 

2022 - Present

Abstract Painting

Ms. Meikle predominately teaches abstract painting with 501(c)3 Arts Plus. She is currently seeking space to facilitate more classes. 

2023 - Present

This fast paced class is for creatives to find their unique style. These are held at The VAPA Center and happen every few months. 

2008 - Present

Teens and kids Art Classes

She has had the loving opportunity to work with the Orlando Museum of Art in Orlando, FL, 21 Century Arts in Savanna, GA, and The Arts and Empowerment Project in Charlotte, NC. 

Ms. Meikle occasionally teaches one-on-one sessions with teens, or small private groups with children. Click here to schedule!

2017 - Present

She started hosting figure drawing at Unorthodox Studios (RIP2020) when they first opened in 2017. She has since then facilitated, created curriculums, and taught at McColl Center, The Bechtler, Free Range Brewery, and The VAPA Center.

2022 - Present

Ms. Meikle has had the pleasure of teaching Culture Blocks classes with The Light Factory, Arts Plus, and Mert Jones inc. These classes ranged from gelli plate mono printing, cyanotypes, painting, jewelry making, and more. 

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