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Every artist has an ongoing project. Below is just that. Please sign up and participate!


'Talking in Circles'

This project is an invitation to talk about trauma. All forms are welcome; nothing is 'not enough' or 'overwhelming'.

At the end of any day, you can find yourself talking in circles over a situation, that should have ended differently. This installation is an opportunity to share your truth and encourage others to speak up. We do not have to be licensed therapists to know that people can therapeutically benefit from art.

Each cup represents a conversation. These cups will then be installed into a larger spiral installation. For more information or to sign up, please click the button 

What is Gender?

This project focuses on material objects that have a binary gender association. 

The participant makes a plaster cast with a 'gendered' item. Heels, hammers, screwdrivers, breast implants, etc. 

The idea is that binary gender is just silly. The message behind the object is either too big to fill or too small and overflowing. 

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For instant gratification and to indulge in scrolling, check out what I am currently working on!

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