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Rasheda Color Block I Digital Drawing

Rasheda Color Block I Digital Drawing

11" x 14" and 16" x 20" and 20" x 24"




During 2019 and 2020, I took serious time off from creating. I wasn’t making sales, galleries weren’t accepting my artwork and I felt defeated. This series emerged from 'Title: Testing'; this series is simply about going back to the basics of elements and principles of design that helped get me out of my funk. All artwork is made of shapes, lines, and colors.

The 'Royal Color Block' series allows people to see themselves as shapes, lines, and colors. My hope is for people to see beauty in themselves with a different facet. 

  • FAQ

    Where should I put this in my home? 

    - Idealy it's best that any work is out of direct sunlight. Even with UV-tinted windows, the colors will fade over time. This will take years with a UV-tinted window, but with non-tinted windows, the colors will fade within 2 years. Otherwise, place this new treat yourself gift wherever ever makes you smile! 

    What if the artwork isn't seen exactly as it appears?

    - Every person perceives hue and saturation in different degrees, and any image I edit will appear differently on any screen. 

    ** If there is any reason you don't enjoy the artwork please reach out to Ms Meikle to start the refund and return process.**

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